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How It Works

At Go Go On-Hold we do everything so you don’t need to worry about anything! It’s easy and simple and our on-hold messages work with any phone system. Here’s a quick roadmap of the process in providing you with a professional on-hold message. Remember, at Go Go we do everything from the writing to installation. . . All you have to do is listen and approve your message.


  • First we express post your on-hold message unit to plug into your phone system.
  • Then we get to work on your script.
  • We’ll have your first draft back to you. . . within the day!
  • We work with you on the message until you’re 100% happy.
  • Once approved by you, we load it onto your phone system.
  • And you’re up and running and sounding great!
  • Total turnaround time?. . . less than 3 days.

The Go Go Guarantee

All anyone wants is good value for money. Honesty and peace of mind. Great service and for the product or service to simply meet (or exceed!) your expectations.

Well what if we told you that at Go Go that’s the only way things happen. . . or you don’t pay a cent. That’s right! A lock tight ridgey didge 100% guarantee, no muckin around fair dinkum promise!

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We use Go Go On Hold for all our on hold needs, and recommend them to all our clients!

- Daniel Belts – Onsite2u

We loved the NO CONTRACTS, being able to change the message 6 times a year and the great service from the Go Go team.

- David Alhauser – Jetset Travel Midland

We got our message within 24 hours and started receiving compliments from our callers straight away.

- Nicole Jones – Ocean Forrest College

We refer all our customers to Go Go because quite simply they’re the best deal in Australia.

- Andrew Gomez – ML Communications

We swear by our on-hold message from Go Go, it sounds so good. . . and refer him to all our customers.

- Lee McCaw – Royal IT