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Dead unit? No problems…

When it come to your office and technology – we all shudder when there’s a problem. And there will be…that’s one thing you can be sure of…the key, is how you deal with that problem!

At Go Go Media…it’s rare, but if one of our clients calls with a problem…we drop everything and go into “super fast fix mode”. Efficient and no fuss. At Go Go, our policy is…if we can’t fix it in a few minutes…we simply send you a new unit. no questions. No extra cost. We just want to get you back up and running

Recently we had one of our clients get in touch because their on hold wasn’t working. We quickly troubleshooted over the phone and discovered the unit probably had a faulty power pack. We got it up and running temporarily, but even while we were still chatting on the phone, our team was already express posting a brand new replacement unit.

The next day the client called with the new unit and we guided them through a 2 minute plug in. We tested it and it sounded great! At the end of the day we had a working on-hold message and another happy customer. Grateful for the super fast support!

If you’ve ever had a hard time with your on-hold not working properly, or just need one, contact the Go Go team and get a new, professional on hold message today!