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Have you listened to your own on hold message lately?

Importance of Checking Your On Hold Message

For a lot of companies, your message on hold service is just like the home page on your website. Providing a great first impression and valuable information about your services and company to your clients up front.

What if your on hold service was not working properly or NOT working at all? There’s nothing worse than realising your customers are receiving incorrect information. While this may seem quite innocent, the potential repercussions of a faulty or out of date music on hold can be far reaching and is just simply bad marketing. Incorrect information is basically false advertising and gives off the impression of being disorganized, or even just dishonest. Can you still provide the same services and or products you’re advertising in your current messages on hold? NO? This can mean the difference between a customer investing in your services, or going straight to your competitors . If you’re in need of an update but don’t want to pay your on hold company fees to update it, why not consider a month by month service with free updates included? That’s what we provide here at Go Go On Hold! We offer a free trial for on hold messages. Ask us today.

How often do you hear your own on-hold message? Been a while? Does it sound clear, current and engaging? And what if it’s not there! …Unless someone says something, you may not even have a working on hold message! If that’s the case, you clients can have a less than pleasant phone experience and you’re missing out on a big opportunity for extra sales. You can learn about more benefits of an on hold message here. Depending on your phone system, it may be a simple fix, or a referral to your tech or phone guys. Either way, you need your phone messages working and working well! If your message is completely gone, then get yourself a new professional on hold message, and see how easy and simple it is to get your phones sounding professional and impressive.

By checking your on hold message, you can be certain your callers are learning more about you, staying on the line longer and enjoying their experience calling your organisation.

For more information on how we can help an on hold message work for you, please contact us at Go Go Messages On Hold or call (08) 9250 4645.