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The hidden value of an on hold message

“Hold please, just transferring you through.”

This is the moment where you could win or lose a new customer. When placing a calling customer on hold you have three options…

1. They hear the ding dong chimes, and we’ve all heard it! We all roll our eyes! Terribly unprofessional!
2. Leave them sitting on the line, listening to silence, anxiously awaiting your return. Which, they’ll only wait for so long until they hang up.
3. Or worst of all; the RADIO… playing ads for cheap alcohol, electrical and car ads… including advertising your competition! You can imagine the problems this can cause.

Or how about this option?

What about a professional on hold message that talks about you, and all the things your caller doesn’t know? Professional male and female voice over, entertaining music and sound effects, creating a brilliant 1st impression. You only get one chance to create a first impression. Don’t blow it!

Which would be better for your business? More importantly which would be better for your calling customer?

Not every customer knows everything about your business. I’ll bet there’s at least one thing you’d love to tell them. When you open and close? How about that cool new bit you added to your website? (and spent money on!) What about a new service? Or an existing service or product that your callers didn’t even know existed? Make the most of this golden opportunity to tell them something they don’t know about you.

So don’t punish your valuable customers by making them listen to chimes, silence, or radio commercials! Have them listen to you.

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