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We’re at the front line of the WAR IN-STORE!

Google recently reported that  84% of smartphone users use their smartphone while they’re shopping in-store.  They’re reading product reviews,  exploring product features, but most of all… they’re price matching to see if they can get a better deal down the road!

What does this mean for retail businesses? It means that after all the hard work you’ve done to get the customer in the door in the first place,  spending the money on marketing and signage… you’re still fighting to get the sale.

When there’s a potential customer in your store, the last thing you want them to hear is your competitor’s commercials on the radio!


On the offensive

We decided to workshop our in-store radio product to make it a strategic marketing tool for the retail environment.

Personalised in-store radio stations sound just like a regular commercial station, with the latest chart toppers, popular music and classic hits. The only difference is the only ads your shoppers will hear are for YOUR business, right at the time they’re standing in your store! It doesn’t get much more targeted than that!


Here are some of the strategic messages we include in each of our in-store radio stations..

“We’re the experts” – Encouraging shoppers to approach a team member if they have a question about a product or need advice, rather than pulling out their smartphone!

“We’ll price match” – If someone’s looking for the best price, they should be asking you before they see what price they can get down the road.

“Thanks for shopping local” – When your customers are in-store is a great opportunity to thank them for shopping local, helping create jobs and keeping small business thriving.

“Be rewarded” – Promote your loyalty or rewards program to keep your customers coming back


Not only is having your own personalised radio station a great marketing tool, it’s extremely cost effective – In fact, the first extra sale it generates each month covers the cost!

Have a chat to our team on (08) 9250 4645 and we’ll come up with an in-store radio product to suit your retail environment and appeal to your customers.