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Talent available for hire!

We recently scripted a TV commercial for one of our long time clients, Cathie Rice Travel, who also requested Troy jump in front of the camera and star in the commercial!   You can check it out here…

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Did you know we also produce radio commercials?

Yep we do! Sometimes our customers are running radio campaigns and come to us for some funny and creative radio commercials. Ads on the radio can get a bit “cookie cutter” (Especially when they’re played back-to-back in blocks)  and we love coming up with fresh new ideas for customers! Here’s one we’ve just done for Cathie Rice […]

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Do I need an APRA licence for my business?

Whether you run a cafe, a gym, a retail space or a corporate office, it’s likely that you’re playing music in some capacity. A lot of business owners are not clear on the rules about what they can play – and what they need a licence for. Generally speaking, if you’re authorising music to be […]

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