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In Store Radio

We’re at the front line of the WAR IN-STORE!

Google recently reported that  84% of smartphone users use their smartphone while they’re shopping in-store.  They’re reading product reviews,  exploring product features, but most of all… they’re price matching to see if they can get a better deal down the road! What does this mean for retail businesses? It means that after all the hard […]

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Do I need an APRA licence for my business?

Whether you run a cafe, a gym, a retail space or a corporate office, it’s likely that you’re playing music in some capacity. A lot of business owners are not clear on the rules about what they can play – and what they need a licence for. Generally speaking, if you’re authorising music to be […]

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What’s your earworm?

What’s your earworm? (The song that gets stuck in your head for days or even weeks at a time!) Here at the office our earworms range from Jeff Buckley, to Katy Perry.. to the Postman Pat theme song! In 2016, the American Psychological Association identified these songs as the top 9 earworms.. Nice work Lady […]

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Supermarket radio stations are here!

Coles and Woolworths are both big believers in creating a complete customer experience in their supermarkets. So much so, that they both now have their own radio stations! In 2014 Coles partnered with Nova to launch their Coles Radio station, which plays in their 750 stores across Australia and reaches roughly 14 million customers each […]

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