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Messages On Hold

Have you listened to your own on hold message lately?

Importance of Checking Your On Hold Message For a lot of companies, your message on hold service is just like the home page on your website. Providing a great first impression and valuable information about your services and company to your clients up front. What if your on hold service was not working properly or […]

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What exactly is an IVR?

IVR (Interactive voice response) is a system that allows any computer to interact with us through the use of voice and via the keypad with touch tones. For example.….”press 1 for accounts”…press 2 for sales.. etc. IVR systems are designed to handle large call volumes, keep customers entertained and informed and improve efficiency by making […]

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The hidden value of an on hold message

“Hold please, just transferring you through.” This is the moment where you could win or lose a new customer. When placing a calling customer on hold you have three options… 1. They hear the ding dong chimes, and we’ve all heard it! We all roll our eyes! Terribly unprofessional! 2. Leave them sitting on the […]

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Dead unit? No problems…

When it come to your office and technology – we all shudder when there’s a problem. And there will be…that’s one thing you can be sure of…the key, is how you deal with that problem! At Go Go Media…it’s rare, but if one of our clients calls with a problem…we drop everything and go into […]

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