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    Creative, professional audio productions.

    How does that sound? (Hint?... really good)

    Fast-Track to Messages On Hold

    This is what we do


    Make the most of on hold wait times, engage callers, reduce hang-up rates and communicate your message in a professional, entertaining way that suits your brand.


    Keep shoppers in your store longer with a great mix of music, combined with your own branded messages. Speak directly to customers while they’re instore!


    From a waiting room to point-of-sale, turn your screens into entertaining and informative marketing channels. Get new fresh content updated remotely every month!

    On hold messages don't have to be boring

    We create on-hold messages that engage and inform your callers while they wait!

    A single call to your business provides several touchpoints for you to create a valuable connection. From a professional greeting to an after-hours voicemail,  it’s your opportunity to make a positive impression, keep callers engaged for longer and reduce frustration.

    We’ll help you squeeze more value out of your phone system… and make more sales from those calls you’ve worked so hard to get!

    With our 20 years of industry experience, the process is a breeze for you – Our team will explain your options, make some recommendations and you’ll be listening to your custom demo before you’ve finished your coffee.

    Even a basic phone system has the potential to sound fantastic, with our talented voice actors, high quality royalty-free music and clever script-writing. That’s what we do – all you have to do is get in touch so we can get started.

    We’re so confident you’ll love our service that you can try us out for free.

    This is what we promise

    Our team have been doing this for more than 20 years and can get you up and running super fast…we do everything, with minimal effort on your part! We pride ourselves on providing absolutely stellar customer service and have a “no-like, no-pay" policy. In other words we guarantee our work…or no cost to you!