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    Retail TV

    Inform, engage and entertain your customers and patients while they wait

    Start playing entertaining and engaging content on your screens

    Let’s face it, nobody likes spending time in waiting rooms. For some businesses, it’s necessary for their customers to wait. The good news is, it’s another opportunity to brand the waiting experience for your customers – and make it entertaining!

    If you already have TV ads, or videos, we can easily incorporate these into your display too.

    In Your Retail Space

    Keep your shoppers informed with your current catalogue, latest offers and promotions with the digital screens in your retail space! Encourage your shoppers to spend a little longer in-store and try new products.

    We update your digital display every month to keep it current – So shoppers will see new information each time they come back.

    In your waiting room

    When you play daytime television full of infomercials and terrible
    soap operas in your waiting rooms, not only are you making the wait seem
    longer for your patients, you’re also running the risk of them seeing
    your competitors’ advertisements!

    Our engaging digital displays are an opportunity for you to remind
    patients about payments, let them get to know your staff, cross-sell
    other services to them and more. We also include quiz questions and
    celebrity facts to keep them watching.

    Everyone loves to watch a screen – And while your patients are
    watching your digital displays, it distracts them from your reception
    staff speaking with other patients and each other.

    Watch A Demo Here