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In Store Music

Great music – Branded promotions – No competitor advertisements!

Having your own branded in store music radio station is a lot easier – and a lot more affordable – than you might think!

We've created in store music playlists for car dealerships, hardware stores, pharmacies, shopping centres… the list goes on. The branded promotions are updated monthly, so you can keep it fresh and interesting for regular shoppers.

The music is a combination of the Top 50 in the charts, favourite hits and everything in between.

All you need to get up and running is an internet connection and speakers – We'll handle the rest!

Since we launched our In Store Radio solutions, our customers have got some fantastic feedback from their shoppers. It's a powerful marketing tool aimed directly at those most likely to buy from you – Your own customers!

Managing In Store Radio across multiple locations

If you're managing anything from 2 to 200 stores, our in store radio product couldn't be easier to manage. We can liaise with a single point of contact to arrange store-level scheduling and messaging.

  • No local store level involvement required
  • Once approved by head office, audio can updated automatically across all stores.
  • Strategically schedule your adverts for special times
  • You can even sell ‘Air Time’ to suppliers to recuperate costs
  • Your audio advertisements will be produced and scheduled just like a radio commercial.
  • All troubleshooting handled remotely

Start playing your own ads… in your own store… for only $180+GST/mth!

Listen to some examples!

PROMOTIONS…These change every month in line with your events and catalogue specials…

MESSAGES…These are your benefit statements, letting listeners know what you sell and what your specialties are…

SWEEPERS…These are the cool little branded radio stings that make it sound like a real radio station!…

Get your free trial!

We'll get you set up with your own radio station so you can give it a try!

We get pretty sweet feedback…

“We absolutely love having our own branded radio station. We have a mix of music and we can make our own ads. If we ever need something edited or added the team at Go Go have it done and uploaded ready for our customers ready to listen straight away. Love love love it!!!!”

Chesney Maloney – Two Dogs Home Hardware

“I can't speak highly enough of this service, clients were constantly commenting on how good it was “what? You have your own radio station?" Yes , yes we do Mrs Jones. Get in touch with Go Go if you own a business. They are super easy to deal with and damn good at what they do!"

Grant McGill – Kingsley Village Pharmacy

We refer all our customers to Go Go because quite simply they’re the best deal in Australia.

Andrew Gomez – ML Communications

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